The Shields Valley School District is dedicated to developing a community of lifelong learners by challenging students to achieve their full potential while becoming productive global citizens.

    At Shields Valley we believe in…...

    Perseverance - cultivating the desire and ability to embrace challenges and overcome adversity


    Integrity - holding ourselves and others to the consistent ethical standards of honesty, fairness, and accountability


    Responsibility - fulfilling commitments and obligations to ourselves and community


    Respect - honoring the inherent dignity of all people through our words and actions


    Innovation -  encouraging new ideas and creative ways of thinking, learning and working together


    Confidence - fostering pride in personal achievement through the development of our talents, time and resources.


    Teamwork- working together to achieve common goals by placing the good of our community above ourselves

  • Shields Valley Elementary School

    P.O. Box 131

    Wilsall, MT  59086

    Phone 406-578-2535

    Fax  406-578-2176


    Shields Valley JH/HS

    P.O. Box 40

    Clyde Park, MT  59018

    Phone:   406-686-4621

    Fax:       406-686-4937